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Ending the Battle Within

Ending the Battle Within

 Reduce Stress! Increase Success!

Create Balance! Re-Energize Your Life!

What if making a list of what you want isn’t working?
How can you reach your goals if parts-of-you are fighting?
Can you become a conscious creator of what you truly desire?
Is it possible to peacefully solve problems that challenge you?
Do parts-of-you show up as people acting on your stage of life?

Join Verlaine Crawford, Speaker, Seminar Leader
and author of Ending the Battle Within:
How to Create a Harmonious Life by Working with Your Sub-Personalities!

Learn a new way to think and to manifest your heart’s desires.

Stop negative self-talk that undermines your success.
Integrate opposing beliefs and experience the power of Wholeness and Peace of Mind!
Verlaine has taught individuals, counselors, and trainers around the world.

“We think of ourselves as Captain of our Ship…Masters of our Fate. But I see it as a Pirate Ship, and the Crew is Planning Mutiny.”

Unfortunately, we can’t throw our discontented sub-personalities off the ship, but we can find out what they want and help them to integrate their energy to benefit our entire inner team.

Verlaine Crawford will teach you to Integrate opposing beliefs to enhance The Four Cornerstones of Life:
Health, Wealth, Love and Self-Expression.
f any of the cornerstones is missing, your inner structure begins to topple.

The Infusion Integration Technique will give you renewed strength and vigor.
When you End the Battle Within, you re-energize your life!

Learn how to use the Infusion Integration Technique
                                        Experience the Power and Energy of Wholeness! 

Listen to an interview on the “Transformation for Success Radio Show” with Dr. Barbara Young on Voice of America. Click here. 

Contact Verlaine if you would like a personal, skype session or to set up a workshop in your business or organization.

You can now purchase a signed copy of the book, “Ending the Battle Within:  How to Create a Harmonious Life Working with Your Sub-Personalities”.

Endorsement from Louise Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life. “This book is brilliant, I highly recommend it!

” We all know how hard it is to change our negative patterns, mainly because we do not know what it is inside of us that really needs changing. Verlaine Crawford has come up with a simple but most effective way of learning who really dwells within us. There are far more sub-personalities than we are aware of. Her Infusion Integration Technique helps us make peace with them once and for all. Verlaine is living proof that her process can turn lives around as she continues to expand the boundaries of her own life.

Students in America and around the world are benefitting from her workshops. This book is a must read for all who are serious about changing their lives for the better. This wil also be the most fun growth experience you have ever had.

I wish Verlaine had written this book years ago when I was beginning my own journey.”

Louise Hay, author of
You Can Heal Your Life.

“Ending the Battle Within” was presented with the Award of Excellence from “Body, Mind, Spirit Magazine”.

Verlaine Crawford is an award-winning author of the books, Ending the Battle WithinHow to Create a Harmonious Life Working with Your Sub-Personalities” and Daughter of God:  Angelic Messages of Wisdom and Love”. She has led seminars in Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Italy and France, and across the U.S.

Verlaine is an entrepreneur and personal and business consultant. She served as VP Marketing for two startup companies in Silicon Valley and held numerous executive positions in hospitality, retail, art and architecture, and non-profit organizations. She is owner of High Castle Publishing and Crawford Marketing Consultants. She is available as a motivational speaker and seminar leader.