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Manifesting Abundance

Are you living in a Fairy Tale land of dreams?

Do you keep wishing and hoping that you will become wealthy and be showered with abundance?

It is wonderful if such a life is accessible to you. And it is sad if the reality of your life is the experience of a lack of money and a feeling of poverty. Even people with money may feel that they never have enough.

Each of us has our own personal interaction with our culture’s medium of exchange. A part of us loves to buy clothes, the latest technology, new cars, homes, travel and more. It is frustrating not to be able to participate in the abundance dream. Many people have developed an angry and desperate relationship with money.

As one middle-aged man expressed humorously in a delightful French accent, “I once had a relationship with money. She was very good to me. But we broke up. She left me!”

Too often money leaves you. The dollars seem to fly out the window, and we find our relationship with wealth is strained, if not broken. Riches elude us and no matter how hard we try, we don’t seem to build a lasting relationship.

How do you begin Manifesting Abundance?

Many of us have built a convoluted conception of wealth in our minds. We think of it as being outside of us and hard to get. We believe that money can only be earned through many hours of hard work. Yet, others live well on passive incomes. The wealthy hold large savings and investments and are able to travel and spend their resources easily. What is the difference?  What can you do to participate in the dream?

The truth is:  money is simply frozen green energy. That energy takes form in dollar bills, plastic cards and numbers on a spread sheet . Money is not really a mystery, yet the majority of people never seem to have enough.

Why are you stopped from participating in the great dream of abundance?  Over the years and through a series of events, each of us develops beliefs that define our relationship to receiving money. We may have lost jobs and experienced investment losses. We may have borrowed against a future time when we hoped to be more financially secure. We are deeply in debt.

The questions is:  How can you end the struggle and gain abundance?

The answer:  You must change the beliefs that no longer serve you.  We all gather beliefs. Words that have become phrases that we begin to believe are true. Those beliefs become the dictators of our mind. And we usually hold hundreds of opposing beliefs. Statements that conflict with each other in our psyche, which create turbulence in our lives.

Examples of opposing beliefs could be:

  • “If I were rich, I would have to pay higher taxes.” vs “Rich people have a way to get around paying taxes.”
  • “Rich people are often liked only for their money.” vs “I could treat my friends and family and we could have more fun.”
  • “I couldn’t be spiritual if I were rich. vs “I could give money to build a beautiful place to worship, a hospital and or places for poor people to live.

Look closely. Do you have conflicting beliefs that are creating havoc in your life?

Are there parts-of-you undermining your efforts to succeed. I have found that at the same times, these various “keepers of our beliefs” think they are helping us. They are certain that the beliefs they guard and work hard to prove are helpful, valid and true!

Why should it matter what we believe?

Because each belief serves as powerful magnetic force. This force organizes patterns of thought, which attract the conditions, people and experiences that correspond with that belief.  Those magnetic pattern (thoughts) influence your decisions regarding your actions, interactions and behavior. Therefore, beliefs become thoughts that dictate the type of events you experience and the people you meet.

Holding on to beliefs that no longer serve limits your life. The key is to integrate those limiting beliefs, so that you can eliminate the continuous disappointment and detours.

By working with your sub-personalities, you can discover what your they are trying to do for you by stopping the flow of wealth and success.

You can learn to integrate the opposing forces within you, and thus create a unified wholeness within your being.  You can regain your full power to be all you can be!

Verlaine’s book, Ending the Battle Within, can help you identify and learn to work with your sub-personalities. Find out more by clicking here.

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Your Inner GPS


Your Inner GPS System – often referred to as Intuition – can tell you how to begin each day and how to flow with the energies presented to you. It can also help optimize the time available to you when you are at work or at leisure. Listening to your Inner Guidance will help you to know who to call and when to make contact, which road to take and what decision to make, when to move and when to stand still.

I like to call this Inner GPS, “Connecting to All That Is” or “Tapping into Universal Consciousness“.  You can name this “guidance…intuition, imagination, Divine Guidance, God, Guardian Angels, energy flow” or whatever word(s) feels comfortable.  Or simply call it your Inner GPS which is broadcasting information that is beyond memory and logic.

Where does the Guidance come from?

You are living in a sea of multiple layers of energy and information. Some energy becomes “physical” and some is non-physical. Thoughts and feelings are, of course, non-physical. And there are higher vibrational levels of information that cannot be heard, seen or felt by our normal senses.

You cannot see or hear TV signals, phone, internet communications or radio waves flowing through the atmosphere without the proper receiver.  The energy of your Inner GPS information vibrates at an even faster speed than the data processing through servers and satellites.

Your mind is a receiver, similar to a personal computer. It runs on past programming and has a limited capacity for storing data. Your connection to your Inner GPS is similar to connecting a computer or handheld device to the Internet. Rather than using a server, router or wireless connection via satellite, you have a natural ability to connect to Source Information and tap into the knowledge bank of  All That Is.

There is no need to fear connecting this source of information. The process is not dangerous, ominous or beyond the realm of human knowing. It is available to all of us, once we have mastered the simple techniques that remind us how to use this natural ability to connect.

The question is, of course, “How do you accomplish this connection? What do we need to do to stay connected to our Inner GPS?”  

The process begins by knowing that your mind is a multi-dimensional, multi-channel receiver. The method by which you “switch channels” to the higher vibrational frequency is to change your focus from the obvious world around you into a broader spectrum of reality.

You need to quiet your normal thinking patterns.  You must turn off the noise around you. Sometimes you will receive information when you are in the shower or driving without the radio blaring. Sometimes it is a short walk without the encroachment of social media and phone calls.

With a relaxed and quiet mind, you are able to connect to the flow of information that is specifically designed for youYour point of power is in the moment!  The information you need is not in your past or in your future. Your access to guidance is now – each and every moment of the day. It can mean the difference between success and failure, well-being and disease, love or loneliness, freedom or self-imprisonment.

As a start, here is a simple meditation that you can do quickly, anywhere or any time, to help relax your mind:

Dropping the Pebble Meditation

Sit in a comfortable chair with your back straight and both feet flat on the ground. Imagine that the area below your forehead and down to your belly button has filled with water and has become a small lake. The sandy bottom of the lake is located just below your belly button.

Close your eyes and imagine that you are dropping a tiny pebble into the water from the level of your third eye. The pebble drifts slowly down, down to the sandy bottom below your belly button. As the pebble drops you feel yourself becoming calmer and more relaxed and you can rest with the pebble at the center of your being.

You may then see a few bubbles rising up from the lake toward your mind. Those are thoughts.  Say hello to the thoughts without paying much attention to what they are, and let them go as they evaporate into the air over the lake.

Drop another pebble and watch it drift into the lake and down, down to the sandy floor below.

Each time thoughts start to rise up to the surface, drop another pebble and let it slowly take you deeper into the quiet, peaceful center of your being.

Let yourself relax in the knowing that you are preparing the way to allow yourself to set a new pattern of relaxation. You will be ready to hear, see or feel the Inner GPS System that is available to guide you every moment of the day.

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7 Steps of the Creative Process

Creative Thinking for Your Own World

  1. Creativity requires energy

Reserve your private space in which you can clear your mind and open to the creative process. You need to get beyond yourself to become yourself…escape the prison of your vocabulary. Move your body and stretch to increase the clarity of your body, mind and spirit.

  1. Overcoming fear of failure

Start with small projects, i.e. short stories, poetry, sketches, watercolor or oil paintings, clay sculptures, any area that sparks your interest. By starting small you stay in command. Play with the process without judgment. Learn to accept your failures and build on your successes.

  1. Learn to dream the dream

You must go into the realm of illusion, of magic and mystery and leave the world of facts and figures behind. Go into the space between the spaces. Unless you are writing an accounting manual, you must learn to dream the dream, which is access to the sub-conscious world where ideas flow like water.

  1. Allow yourself the privilege of discovering your own point of view

It doesn’t matter what has gone before. You are unique to world as each and every snowflake that falls from the winter sky. Be prolific with your chosen course of creative expression without referencing what is popular at the moment. The only moment that is important is the moment locked within your momentum that only can your reveal and share with the world.

  1. Go to the moon and look down

A journey to the moon allows you to step outside of yourself and the world in which you live. Once on the moon, you will have a broader perspective of who you may be and what your chosen field of expression might be all about. By achieving this broader view, you release all of the shackles, expectations and limitations that your have learned in your earthly experience. Once you have achieved “Moon Perspective”, you will have achieved another level of consciousness, enabling you to access your own personal identity.

  1. Relax and learn to listen

The world is full of noise of every description. Noise rhymes with chaos and chaos only produces chaos. Learn to relax and shut off the noise, including all media. Listen to the words in the silence and/or see the visual flashes that effortlessly slide through your consciousness.

  1. Stretch beyond your limitations

Think outrageous creative thoughts. Challenge your imagination. Learn to talk to trees, flowers, animals and ask them for their point of view. That is a small beginning for you to step outside of yourself. Rediscover the child in you and your curiosity will lead you to the Imaginarium where all great ideas and visions reside.

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It’s All About Choices…

It’s All About Choices…
But Who’s in Charge?

It’s Monday morning.  In front of you is the list of Things to Do that you wrote last night.  At the top of the list is:

  1. Start diet/exercise program
  2. Business activities
  3. Personal tasks
  4. Calls to make
  5. Meetings to attend
  6. Family to care for, and more.

Your head swims. You don’t have time to do everything on the list.  You’re hungry and grab a muffin to eat in the car with your coffee. You’ll exercise later. Another week is off and running.

At the stop sign you hear voices in your head. “You need to do this! You didn’t do that!  Turn left!  No turn right!”

Your head becomes a Tower of Babel and you want to runaway – Now!

What’s going on?  Within each of us there are many sub-personalities who hold beliefs and concepts about life. Different personalities show up at work, at home, at play.

Although we know what is important, there are often parts-of-us who hold opposing beliefs about the advantages of our goals.  We collect these beliefs from family, friends, books, movies and the ever present media.

So what can you do?

Talk to them.

When a part-of-you gets upset and out of control and won’t let you accomplish your goals, take a moment to talk to that sub-personality and ask, “What it is doing for you?”  The part-of-you that is holding you back always think they are helping you – even though they may be tearing you apart.

Make it a game. Put the part that wants a certain thing or way of life on one hand.  Put the one who thinks it is better to stop the flow and keep things as they are on the other hand. This way you can see that your total self is not upset.  You act as mediator. (It’s okay to talk to ourselves these days – no one will notice. They’ll think you’re on your cell phone).

Take the time to help these different parts of you find a resolution. See how they can work together.  You can learn to relax and enjoy life. It’s a start.

Verlaine Crawford is author of the book, Ending the Battle Within.  She has taught seminars around the world and has helped individuals, celebrities and organizations to reach their goals. She is available for personal and business consulting. For more information, contact Verlaine.

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