7 Steps of the Creative Process

7 Steps of the Creative Process

Creative Thinking for Your Own World

  1. Creativity requires energy

Reserve your private space in which you can clear your mind and open to the creative process. You need to get beyond yourself to become yourself…escape the prison of your vocabulary. Move your body and stretch to increase the clarity of your body, mind and spirit.

  1. Overcoming fear of failure

Start with small projects, i.e. short stories, poetry, sketches, watercolor or oil paintings, clay sculptures, any area that sparks your interest. By starting small you stay in command. Play with the process without judgment. Learn to accept your failures and build on your successes.

  1. Learn to dream the dream

You must go into the realm of illusion, of magic and mystery and leave the world of facts and figures behind. Go into the space between the spaces. Unless you are writing an accounting manual, you must learn to dream the dream, which is access to the sub-conscious world where ideas flow like water.

  1. Allow yourself the privilege of discovering your own point of view

It doesn’t matter what has gone before. You are unique to world as each and every snowflake that falls from the winter sky. Be prolific with your chosen course of creative expression without referencing what is popular at the moment. The only moment that is important is the moment locked within your momentum that only can your reveal and share with the world.

  1. Go to the moon and look down

A journey to the moon allows you to step outside of yourself and the world in which you live. Once on the moon, you will have a broader perspective of who you may be and what your chosen field of expression might be all about. By achieving this broader view, you release all of the shackles, expectations and limitations that your have learned in your earthly experience. Once you have achieved “Moon Perspective”, you will have achieved another level of consciousness, enabling you to access your own personal identity.

  1. Relax and learn to listen

The world is full of noise of every description. Noise rhymes with chaos and chaos only produces chaos. Learn to relax and shut off the noise, including all media. Listen to the words in the silence and/or see the visual flashes that effortlessly slide through your consciousness.

  1. Stretch beyond your limitations

Think outrageous creative thoughts. Challenge your imagination. Learn to talk to trees, flowers, animals and ask them for their point of view. That is a small beginning for you to step outside of yourself. Rediscover the child in you and your curiosity will lead you to the Imaginarium where all great ideas and visions reside.

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