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Verlaine Crawford with her clients who flew from Japan to Palm Springs to have private sessions and participate in seminars with her.

Verlaine Crawford with her clients who flew from Japan to Palm Springs to have private sessions and participate in seminars with her.

What people are saying about Verlaine Crawford:

“In my experiences of working with Verlaine Crawford I found her to be of the highest integrity while diligently pursuing the interests of the individuals and firms that she represented. She showed great knowledge of the issues, was open to input from all groups and worked in a manner that was always professional. Ms. Crawford is a hardworking, enthusiastic person capable of inspiring others to work towards common goals, large and small. She would be an asset to any organization.”   Phyllis Roberts, Vice President, NatureMaker

“Verlaine is intuitive, perceptive and polished, which gives her a leading edge on the competition. She extracts the essence of your ‘visionary wish list’ said or unsaid, and exceeds your expectations by applying her expertise with strategy and detail, to the help you achieve the purchase of the home that you desire or project your wish to develop. – Bonnie Watts, Business Quest Consulting Group, Inc. Professional Training & Coaching Industry

“Verlaine Crawford exemplifies quality, personal attention, and a caring heart to her client’s and their needs. She gives 110% always to making sure her clients’ objectives are handled. She is a great communicator who understands your needs then follows up with a plan of action. You are in great hands with Verlaine.”  – Michael White, Visual Merchandising Company.

Verlaine Crawford works very hard, puts in extraordinary hours, dispenses a positive attitude and is loyal to her client. Verlaine can be counted on to deliver results even under the most trying circumstances. What more could a client desire? Loyal, trustworthy, true, and hardworking are tough characteristics to beat.   Dr. Dennis Myers, Board of Directors, Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce, Chair-PTC Committee, City of Laguna Beach

“I met with an amazing woman, Verlaine Crawford, last night.  She performed a process called “integration” with me that helped me replace my old thoughts and behaviors surrounding money with positive and healthy thoughts for the future.  She also does this for love, health and self-expression.  It was very powerful, and I have a completely different outlook today.  My fears are gone and I have a smile on my face.”  ─ Erin Baldwin, Entrepreneur

We all know how hard it is to change our negative patterns, mainly because we don’t know what it is inside of us that really needs changing.  Verlaine Crawford has come up with a simple, but most effective way of learning who really dwells within us.  There are more sub-personalities than we are aware of.  Her Infusion Integration Technique helps us make peace with them once and for all…” ─ Louise Hay, author of You can Heal Your Life, The Power is Within You, You Can Do It and more.

“Finally a book that puts all the pieces together to show me why I have success sometimes and not others. I’m so glad I found this book. I not only love it, I’ve bought it to share with friends for their spiritual and personal unfolding. And a personal Thank you to the author, Verlaine Crawford for sharing her personal story and for allowing me to finally understand how the different parts of me can come together for personal and professional success that will continue now that I have the TOOLS!!! Blessings, and please write more books for those of us who want to have more success and personal peace!”  ─ Kate Riser, Sales Executive

“I’ve have the privilege to have met Verlaine personally. As a curious writer, business person and someone who is always questing for knowledge and wholeness, I was fortunate to experience an Infusion Integration Technique with her.  We focused on an issue which I thought I had completed, but after the process I felt I had accomplished a clearing that put a whole side of my life in perspective. Her process is important if you want to live life fully. Clear the chatter of the independent Sub-personalities and build your internal team for your ultimate success and happiness. Get your hands on this book and do the process with Verlaine. This will give you the opportunity of getting to really know you, all of you cohesively. Ending the Battle Within–can change your life with the harmony of integration and the unity of working as a team rather then internal dysfunction and chaos aka mutiny.”  ─ Julie (Juls) Belmont, author of The Path to Personal Success and Freedom:  Turning Hurdles into Stepping Stones