Inspirational Teacher

Inspirational Teacher

Verlaine has had the good fortune to serve as an inspirational speaker, spiritual development seminar leader, and counselor/consultant/mentor to many people in the U.S. and other countries. She has the ability to tap into their energy field and help them to begin to realize their talents, abilities, pathway, and how to connect to their intuitive/spiritual guidance.

Verlaine and Japanese Students from Tokyo in Palm Springs for a weekend workshop.

Verlaine Crawford Philosophy:

We are creators. We create our lives out of ideas we hold as beliefs and concepts about people and events. We create through our vision and imagination. That creative force is functioning at all times, whether we are aware of it or not. We can either consciously create a harmonious, joyful life, or we can unconsciously create a hit or miss, chaotic life. The more we see the relationship between what we are thinking and what happens to us, the more we can shift what we do not want into what we prefer. Many people become so engrossed in their drama, that they never consider creating a life of fun and ease. 

We are not separate from the source that is God. For God, whatever you conceive that force to be, is tremendous energy which animates us, and it fuels our imagination and proves our beliefs. The energy of God is neutral. It is manifesting energy. Because we have free will, we can choose to listen to this positive energy or we can choose to ignore it. Those who ignore it are not allowing themselves to achieve harmony and balance in their lives. Those who choose to listen can accept their lives, in good times and in bad – allowing for a fulfilling and harmonious life.


Raise your consciousness, release negative energy and widen your awareness. Creating a greater awareness is similar to hiking to the top of a mountain where you can see a valley far below. At a greater height we have a much larger perspective. When we increase our vision, we have an unobstructed vantage point, and it becomes easier to let the positive energy work in our lives. Positive energy allows us to be the best we can, and a wider perspective allows us to understand our own particular circumstances – with acceptance and happiness.

Within each of us, there are many sub-personalities who serve as the keepers of our beliefs. It is the job of these sub-personalities to prove that the belief they hold is true. These parts-of-us grab hold of an idea/belief through input from our environment. For instance, we might hold a belief, which suggests that eating anything we like is the ideal. Yet, another part of you wants to go on a diet and lose weight. The one who likes to eat often wins. Within each of us can be many opposing beliefs: therefore, we move forward toward success and then find ourselves blocked. What you want turns into what you fear. The more neutral we can become, knowing what we prefer, but not holding onto “having to have it” or “fearing it will happen,” we will allow ourselves to reach the highest goals.

We are each a soul with a body. We are beings of light, vibrating with iridescent colors that indicate our emotions. Within us, this light can illuminate in sadness or happiness, whichever we choose – this is the acceptance of a higher meaning of self. When we turn away from our Higher Selves, the full energetic beings that we are will become limited and afraid. When we expand into the incredible love that envelopes us, we feel the God force that leads us toward completeness.