You Can Experience Universal Consciousness

You Can Experience Universal Consciousness

Each of us has the capability to tap into Universal Consciousness because we have that consciousness within us. If you can imagine that your personal mind and memory is a personal computer with a limited capacity for storing data and adding programming to your life’s experiences.

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Then broaden your imagination and see that Universal Consciousness (often referred to as God, The Creator, or All That Is) actually is similar to the World Wide Web, only greater…far greater. This Consciousness contains all that has ever been, all that is and all that will be. So, you can operate your life based on your limited consciousness, or you can open your awareness to the Universal Consciousness by turning your attention inward and relaxing into the connection with All That Is.

The question is, of course, “How do we accomplish this connection? What do we need to do to stay connected to the Source of All Information?”  First, you must quiet your mind and all the thoughts that are trying to get your attention…all the voices that are moving through your head, telling you to do this or that and to hurry up and go here or there.

I have developed a number of meditations that can help quiet the mind that I will share with you.

Most importantly, you need to learn about the Infusion Integration Technique in my book, “Ending the Battle Within: How to Create a Harmonious Life by Working with Your Sub-Personalities”. (Infusion is the moment when consciousness is suspended and Spirit can enter form.)  I have found that I.I.T. is the most powerful tool that can stop the arguments, the conflicting voices, and all the noise that fills most people’s minds.  I enjoy working with people one-on-one (in person or on the phone) or in groups, teaching this miraculous technique.  You can contact me for a private session or to host a group meeting by contacting me at

Dropping the Pebble Meditation

Sit in a comfortable chair with your back straight and both feet flat on the ground. Imagine that the area between your forehead and the belly button is a small lake, The lake bottom is located just below your belly button. Close your eyes and imagine that you are dropping a small pebble into the lake from the level of your third eye. The pebble drifts slowly down, down to the sandy bottom of the lake below your belly button. As the pebble drops you feel yourself becoming calmer and more relaxed. 

Then you may see bubbles rising up from the lake toward your mind.  Those are thoughts. Say hello to them and let them go as they evaporate into the air over the lake. Drop another pebble and watch it drift into the lake and down, down to the sandy floor below.

Each time thoughts start to rise up to the surface, drop another pebble and let it slowly take you deeper into the quiet, peaceful center of your being and let yourself relax in the knowing that you are preparing the way to allow yourself to set a new pattern of relaxation, so that you may hear, see or feel the Divine Guidance that is available to you every moment of the day.