It has been a long journey from a small town in Iowa to the futuristic world of high technology in Silicon Valley to teaching personal growth in Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Europe, the U.S., and the island of Bali.

Verlaine grew up along the Mississippi River near LeClaire, Iowa, with 40 acres of forest behind their home where she and the neighborhood kids enjoyed long days of playing adventurers. Her family moved to California and settled in Carmel-by-the-Sea where she attended High School and loved every minute of living there. “This little European village with a white sandy beach and tall pines was like heaven on earth!” she exclaims. It was a joy when she traveled through Europe in her early twenties and many times during her life.

Verlaine in Carmel-by-the-Sea on the Monterey Peninsula in California

She attended the University of California before it became revolutionary and then UCLA where she studied International Relations. Through the years, she has studied all religions, Spiritual information, medicine, alternative healing, and how our thoughts become reality.

Her natural love of writing and communicating led her to a career in marketing and public relations. Along the way, she did marketing for a variety of businesses from restaurants and hotels (the Lodge at Pebble Beach) to high-tech (first woman vice-president of two software companies in Silicon Valley in the 1980s) to architecture and interior design to health care, Chambers of Commerce, and non-profit agencies.

She met the love of her life at the Passport agency in Los Angeles, and they have been partners for 51 years with time out for other adventures and then back together again.

She was prompted to write her first book, “Ending the Battle Within” due to her interest in psychology and her interactions with people from all walks of life. She observed that many individuals are deeply affected by a myriad of competing voices.

Parents, friends, teachers, politicians, professionals, actors, media hosts, authors, movie producers, and others propagate their ideas and beliefs about every possible subject. These competing concepts coming from all directions cause confusion and emotional upheaval. The deluge of personal opinions framed as facts eventually fractures the brain’s organizing principle of rational thinking.

When people experience years of victimizing, blaming, and hateful commentary, their minds are disrupted and they no longer can maintain inner peace. Caught in a web of chaos, they weaken. The spark of life dims, and their power and will to succeed drain away.

Exhausted by a mind constantly attacking internally and flipping from one subject to another, individuals give up control of their lives and follow the path of least resistance. They end up with voices in their heads telling them to do this or that, arguing with them, denigrating their spirits, dampening their enthusiasm, and eliminating their ability to expand and truly enjoy life.

Verlaine’s books, including the latest, “The Heart of Transformation and the Butterfly Effect” are meant to give you answers about how to work with all those voices by imagining them to be different parts-of-you. You can reason with your sub-personalities and integrate them into the whole of your being, which is the Butterfly Effect. All parts of the caterpillar gather together to form the butterfly that is ready to soar through the sky.

“The premise for sharing this information from my heart to your heart is for you to be able to expand your inner strength and power,” explains Verlaine. “It is my desire to help you create a peaceful, harmonious place in which to dwell. It is important that you have the ability to wipe away false perceptions and see the world more clearly and joyfully.”

“Understanding how to integrate all parts-of-you will provide wisdom and understanding to make informed decisions easily. You will be able to relax into success, health, creativity. You will love yourself and life completely!”