The Heart of Transformation

The Heart of Transformation

The Heart of Transformation and The Butterfly Effect is a small, inspirational book with a powerful message! This is a delightful journey to discover ways to…

Transform your life and bring joyful experiences into your personal world.

Release the past and create a bright new future.

Stop the internal dialogue and self-defeating thoughts that prevent you from being all you can be.

Verlaine Crawford brings you answers that will help you to deal with parts-of-you who are stopping you from achieving your goals. 

5-Star Review by Foluso Falaye, Readers Favorite Reviewer

Beliefs form the basis of our thoughts, and they are continuously injected by parents, friends, politicians, religious leaders, educators, and the media, leaving us fractured into many opposing personas. These inner conflicts cause stress and undermine our health, wealth, relationships, and our ability to be creative, adventurous, and full of life.

The good news is that your beliefs can be changed; you can create the life of your dreams. “The Heart of Transformation: And the Butterfly Effect” aims to help wipe away these false perceptions and enable you to see the world more clearly and joyfully. By implementing the Infusion Integration Technique and the strategies laid out by Verlaine Crawford, you embrace a broader belief that opens the door to new, exciting, and adventurous possibilities.

I’ve always had different contrary opinions going at each other in my mind like a group of lawyers involved in a legal battle. It’s a relief to know that I’m not alone in this confusing mess. Verlaine Crawford’s book did a great job of showing me how to look into my mind to discover the root of this chaos.

The Infusion Integration Technique is especially interesting because it proposes an ingenious way of arriving at decisions.

“The Heart of Transformation” is for anyone like me that’s seeking answers and the best way to go while faced with many different options. I found the practical, conversational examples very useful for seeing things from different perspectives.

It also offers a peaceful, therapeutic experience, especially when read aloud. With personal applications of the guidelines provided in The Heart of Transformation, a complete and encompassing change becomes attainable.

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5-Star Review by K.C. Finn, Readers Favorite Reviewer

The Heart of Transformation and the Butterfly Effect is a work of non-fiction in the inspirational sub-genre and was penned by author Verlaine Crawford. A concise work, but one which has a great deal in it to consider, the work focuses primarily on the Infusion Integration Technique, which in turn intends to help readers wipe away false perceptions and see themselves and their situation in the world more clearly.

In a world of divisive rhetoric and false truths, Crawford intends to educate readers on examining themselves more closely and categorizing the many voices which influence them.  Author Verlaine Crawford has crafted a deeply impactful work which is sure to help many readers along on their journey of self-exploration and personal growth.

One of the things which I admired most about the work is the confident and capable tone of the narrative with which the author leads the text: it makes readers feel like they are in experienced hands but also delivers a close personal message from the heart. This is combined with excellent clarity in the conceptual explanations, and the chapter structure of the work ensures that readers are introduced to ideas gradually and slowly build their knowledge and perception as the complexity increases.

I was particularly moved by the idea of fragmentation and the processes by which that can be healed. Overall, I feel that The Heart of Transformation and The Butterfly Effect will certainly help those who need it most: a thought-provoking and inspirational self-help read.