Emotional Healing

Emotional Healing

Experience Balance and Self-Empowerment
in an Age of Rapid Change

Emotional Healing by Verlaine Crawford is an insightful book that will help you to change your mind and experience a renewed sense of clarity. You can gain the confidence, and self-empowerment necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

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The key to peace of mind is learning to release the past, relax about the future, and enjoy the present moment without stress or worry. Yet, how can we possibly release, relax, and enjoy when so much that we have known appears to be falling apart? Having to survive when needing to deal with isolation, a pandemic, political unrest, and economic devastation is overwhelming.

Emotional Healing begins with the discovery of the real you, what you believe, and how to establish emotional balance. It is helpful to become aware of the beliefs that activate your fears, which are the basis of all negative emotions, including worry, anxiety, and stress.

It is fear that creates imbalance in your life. Fear influences the state of your health, relationships, career, and blocks and camouflages future opportunities. Obviously, we must learn to deal with our fears.

As a lifelong student of psychology, philosophy, religion, and spirituality, Verlaine Crawford has been a businesswoman and personal consultant for nearly fifty years during which time she has become very aware of how people react to each other and events. Her continuous quest has been to understand herself and others and how we interact to establish our perceived reality.

The techniques and visualizations in this book have been used for herself and to help others. They are meant to provide methods to recover from difficult events, to heal, and to move forward as quickly as possible.

In this book, you will find easy-to-use tools, which will help reduce stress and anxiety and release memories of loss and pain. You will learn how to forgive yourself and others, and gain a new perspective on life.

The “The Four Cornerstones of Life” provides a balance point to expand your well-being, and the “Ten Steps to Self-Empowerment” will begin the journey to recharge your life.

“It is my wish that Emotional Healing will help you experience a rewarding and harmonious life in the years to come,” Verlaine Crawford.

Purchase at Amazon.com.