A Near-Death Experience in Bali

A Near-Death Experience in Bali

It was a very hot, humid day on the Island of Bali.

The ocean waves twinkled like diamonds as the sun cast its light on the beautiful bay, highlighted the sandy beach, and filtered through the tall palm trees overhead. I was there as a speaker and participant in an Earth Day Conference sponsored by Power Places Tours. The last thing I expected was a Near-Death Experience in Bali.

One of the presenters was describing the meditation she was about to direct. She explained that she would ring the small Tibetan Bells she held in her hands during the meditation. The first ringing would lift our consciousness from the base chakra (“survival” at the root of the spine) to the second chakra (“creativity” at the level of the belly button). The next ringing would move our consciousness to the third chakra (our “power center” at the solar plexus) and then to the fourth chakra to our hearts (the energy of love and the source of creation).

The Fifth Ringing of the Bells Would Affect Our Throats

At the fifth ringing of the bells, we would move our awareness to our throats (our communication center) and the sixth to the third eye (intuition), followed by the seventh to the crown chakra (our spiritual connection). At the eighth ring, our consciousness would rise above our heads to the angelic realm; and finally, at the ninth ringing, we would move higher still into the flow of Universal Consciousness.

I relaxed, sitting cross-legged on a blanket spread on the grass under the trees, closed my eyes, and followed her directions as she rang the bells. At the sound of the last ringing, I found myself floating among the stars. The feeling and sensations were of expansive freedom beyond anything I could have imagined. There were no boundaries. I was in space, and space was in me. There were no questions to ask and no fear or confusion.

Clusters of Stars Surrounded Me

I was enjoying the view of the billions of stars in clusters surrounding me. I relaxed and drifted onward among the stars when I heard a voice pleading, “Verlaine, come back! Verlaine, come back!” Friends sitting near me noticed that I was turning blue. They became afraid and were calling out to me.

I heard the voices and wondered, “What is a Verlaine?” I had no idea about an earthly body or even the earth.

They were pleading louder, “Verlaine, come back!”

What Is a Name?

I have no idea about a verlaine. I thought as I gazed toward the distant galaxies.

Just then, I heard a phrase in my mind that Dr. Deepok Chopra, another participant at the conference, had stated that morning. He said, “A name is a word with memories attached.”

Oh, yes, I thought, Verlaine must be my name. They are calling me. There must be memories attached to that name.” Gradually, with the help of Ixaca, I moved back into my body and opened my eyes to the immense relief of the people gathered around me.

As my consciousness settled back into my body, it was interesting to see so much light around my friends and an effervescent glow around the plants, flowers, and trees. Everything was emitting multicolored, pastel colors like soft clouds of iridescent light.

The effects of that moment still echo through my days.

It took days to integrate the expansive energy I had experienced. When I was around people, I felt as if a balloon of light surrounded me. My flexible aura moved in and out whenever I came near another person. It took a few days to release the non-physical entities attached to my vacated physical body.

My journey among the stars has changed my perspective on being present in this lifetime. The memory and feeling of that experience are always with me. I know we are all One with the Universe.

“Universe” is an interesting word. It can be divided into Uni = Unified. A verse is defined as a single metrical line in a poetic composition, one line of poetry, or a song.  We are each a part of the poetry…we are each a part of the unified song of the Cosmos.

This was one of many experiences that made me aware of the realm beyond the physical, mental, and emotional world we normally inhabit. I have been able to test and trust my intuitive guidance, which has always led me to my highest good.

It is my desire to share what I have learned and provide my evidence and experience of a higher consciousness, which is available to each of us during every moment of our lives on Earth and beyond.

In 1987, Dr. Verlaine Crawford opened to other dimensions and began channeling Ixaca, a sixth-dimensional, angelic being of wisdom and love. That opening allowed her to become an energy healer and a psychic medium. She has seen her past lives and those of clients and has experienced astral travel to locations on Earth and beyond. Verlaine has channeled Ixaca in California, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Bali, France and Italy. She is available for private and group sessions, guesting on podcasts, and presenting workshops. Contact VerlaineCrawford@gmail.com.

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