Big Sur, CA – Oil Painting by Verlaine Crawford

We are creators. Our lives are fulfilled by creatively applying our thoughts and emotions into an activity that results in a product, a structure, a book or painting, a garden or a delicious meal.

We thrive when we are able to demonstrate in some way that we are present on the planet…at least to ourselves, if not to others.

Creative endeavors give us a feeling of fulfillment, worthiness and wholeness.  The creative process connects us to the endlessly creative Universal Consciousness.

Indulging in the playful act of creating something in form or simply playing sports, gardening, cooking, involving ourselves with nature, we transcend the programmed repetition that has become our daily lives.

Actively creating harmonizes our mind, body and spirit. We become healthier, more balanced and harmonious with our surroundings.

Why is creativity so important to our well-being? Because, we are energy in form. We are patterns of energy that manifest in this vibrational frequency known as Earth. If we do not use the activating frequency of creativity, our bodies tend to become denser and our minds less responsive.

Our thoughts are the most powerful tools for good or evil. We have the opportunity to create our heart’s desires or to manifest difficult battles to fight. We can project a new and enlightened future, or we can wallow through our memories of past experiences that no longer, if ever, gave us pleasure and repeat them over and over again.

What it is the difference? The difference is our state of mind. The beliefs and ideas we have gathered from family, friends and enemies, books and the media form the thoughts we think.

Thoughts generate our emotions. Emotion is our fuel for creating, for manifesting our reality. Emotion is energy in motion. It sets our thoughts into motion. Fear and excitement share the same activating frequency.  They are the most dynamic emotions that will generate the manifestation of the type of people and experiences we love or hate.

Thoughts and emotions guide our choices. Those large and small choices we make each day lead to actions. Our actions influence how we care for our health, and dictate the type of life events and relationships we will attract to our personal reality.

This effortless flow of creativity is our life script in living color

Beliefs form thoughts.

     Thoughts generate emotions.

            Emotions (how we feel) guide choices

                     Choices result in our personal reality.

It all begins with beliefs about who you are, what you can or cannot do, other people, your home, neighborhood, nation and world. We are formed by our beliefs about health, intelligence, emotional balance, physical appearance, talents and abilities.

We become the energetic representation of all that we are thinking and feeling. We are thoughts and beliefs in form.

Our health, wealth, relationships, and life experiences act as a bio-feedback system, which shows us what we believe and what we have been thinking and feeling. Our outer world is an out-picturing of our inner landscape. What we believe is what we get.

Whatever beliefs we hold in consciousness about ourselves and others, whether it be joy or hate, satisfaction or frustration, expansion or restriction, health or disease, success or failure, will manifest in our reality.

The thoughts in our heads will be spoken by someone outside of us, either:  “You are a wonderful person!” Or “I don’t want to be with you.” The negative and positive behaviors, the weak and strong actions will show up in the form of other people in our lives.

The amazing thing about this game of life is that we have the unique opportunity to change the events and people in our lives by changing our thoughts and beliefs.

We can change our underlying beliefs about who we are and what we can accomplish. We can generate new imagery, new concepts of reality to form beautiful pictures of a life that we would truly love.

Or, we can spend our time viewing past mistakes, miscalculations, detours and problems that led to difficult and possibly painful experiences.

The people of the past would say, “Choose your medicine. Choose which road you will travel.” Your beliefs about yourself and your reality will take you there.

Verlaine Crawford is author of “The Heart of Transformation and the Butterfly Effect“, “Ending the Battle Within:  How to Create a Harmonious Life Working with Our Sub-Personalities” and “Daughter of God:  Angelic Messages of Wisdom and Love.”