Channeling Ixaca

Channeling Ixaca

Learning to Channel an Angelic Being

In 1987, I opened to other dimensions and began channeling Ixaca, a sixth-dimensional, angelic being of wisdom and love. That opening allowed me to become an energy healer and a psychic medium. I have been able to see my past lives and those of clients and to astral travel to locations on Earth and beyond. The following is the story of my spiritual journey beyond time and space.

A Reluctant Healer and Channeler

A beautiful angelic being like the type of angel Verlaine Crawford channels.

You have probably heard of reluctant healers and channelers. Perhaps you are a skeptic, as was I. In 1987, when I was told I could channel an out-of-body, spiritual being, I immediately said, “No, thank you. I’m not interested in sharing my body with an unknown entity. I wouldn’t know how to determine whom I should channel, how to share my body or leave, or how to get them out!”

Surely, I was curious because I had read books that were supposed to be “channeled” material, and the information did seem very clear, concise, and to the point. I found channeled books and the teachings of the ascended masters fascinating. The expanded concepts about consciousness and a greater reality opened my heart and mind.

As A Child, I Interacted with Angelic Beings

I think I always believed in Angels. They seemed to move around and through the world I observed, glistening in the sunlight and illuminating corners of my room. I would become mesmerized by the light beams illuminating the flowers and leaves in the garden, never tiring of the wonder of nature, allowing my imagination to play with the clouds floating across the sky. I loved being in the garden with the plants and flowers and could be there for hours without needing company or activities. I never felt alone or lonely then or since.

Tranquility Was Broken by a Terrible Accident

When I was 12 years old, I was helping my father and brother mow the grass on the front of our acre of land in Iowa. I pushed my mower up a culvert by the driveway, backed up, and turned around to see my brother was right behind me with a large mower. I walked into his mower, cut off the little toe on my right foot, and cut the tendons on the top of my left foot.

I was in the hospital for five weeks the first time and three weeks later for skin grafting. I experienced a time of introspection and meditation (although I didn’t know those words). I spent hours going down the hall in my wheelchair, trying to cheer up the other children in the ward at the hospital. At the end of that year, my father left the family. The accident broke their relationship completely. My mom, brother and I moved to Carmel, CA, where I finished high school and attended UC Berkeley.

A Stranger Tells Me Our Thoughts Create Our Reality

Before I knew of my father’s connection with Spirit through intuition, my first revelation happened when I was twenty-two, after I moved to Los Angeles. I met a stranger in an elevator who introduced me to the idea that our thoughts create our reality. The man gave me the book As a Man Thinketh by James Allen and told me to write a list of what I wanted and the date by which it would happen. Everything on my list happened before the dates on the list. It was like a magical treasure hunt that led me to modeling, being editor of Capital Records Magazine, appearing on a TV show, and then to the Queen Mary project in Long Beach. But other people I told about the list didn’t always have the best results. That sent me looking to find out why the list didn’t always work. Over the years, I read many self-help books and studied nearly all religions and spirituality.

Guided to Meet My Soulmate

When I returned to Los Angeles from my first trip to Europe in 1969, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do next. I felt it would be great to have a man in my life to love and who loved me. I asked Spirit for an honest man. I had met so many who were not honest. They were often married or in another relationship. One morning, I heard a voice in my head (intuitive guidance) telling me to go to the passport agency. I answered, “Why? I already have a passport.”

The voice repeated, “Go to the passport agency.” I thought maybe summer workers are needed at the passport agency. To my surprise, I met a wonderful, honest man, John Teressi, who has been my partner for 55 years. He had asked for someone to talk to. When someone asked John how we were able to stay together so long, he answered, “We began a conversation and haven’t finished it.”

Meeting Death in an Underground Parking Garage

In 1971, I was hired as Editor of six community papers in the San Gabriel Valley, CA. Synchronicities combined to help me become the chief copywriter for a top ad agency in Los Angeles. It was in August of that year that I disregarded very important guidance, which resulted in me nearly dying! But my angel saved me.

I had taken the elevator down to a small room with two elevators and two doors. I was headed toward the door on my left when a man dressed in a guard’s uniform entered the room. The voice in my head yelled, “Run!” I argued with the guidance. “Run? Why should I run? It’s late. I’m tired. I don’t want to run.”

Before I could open the door to go out to the car area, the guard had his arm around my neck and a knife at my throat. As he pushed me to the door across the room, the other elevator opened, and two men started to come out. The assailant transferred the knife to my back and stabbed me. One lung collapsed as the two men pulled me into the elevator. We rode the elevator up to the main lobby; police arrived, and finally, an ambulance took me to the City of Angels Hospital. Then began PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

I later learned that the two men who saved me were in another elevator when one of them felt like he was being pushed to leave that elevator and go on the one that happened to open as I was being accosted. He convinced his friend to walk across the lobby and ride the elevator down to the parking garage before heading back up to work. When I went to thank them for saving me, he said, “It felt like an Angel was directing me.”

Another Scare Sends Me Out of Los Angeles

After a week in the hospital and recuperating at home for another week, I was at work wearing a black wig and parking in an outdoor lot. I worked with authorities to try to find my assailant. There is much more to the story, but eight months later, in March 1972, the police came into our office and told everyone to evacuate the building. I asked, “What is happening? They replied, “Bomb threat 15th floor.” That was our floor. I decided I didn’t want to work in a war zone and to return to Carmel, CA.

Carmel is a Healing, Magical Place

In 1977, I attended fascinating classes in Carmel called The Laws of Health, Wealth, and Manifestation. Through the classes, I started understanding the “how” of creation.

That year, I learned about automatic writing when my boyfriend, who was studying for a master’s degree in psychology, thought he was losing his mind when he heard a voice and wrote twenty-seven pages of unusual material. The information was very provocative. I felt amazed and curious. We investigated his interdimensional transcriptions, and since the advent of the internet, we can put many pieces of the puzzle together.

The same year, I attended a 3-Day NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) workshop in Carmel.  I was chosen as a volunteer for an integration technique. The process cleared away my PTSD and allowed me to open more easily to a greater awareness of who I am and who we are.

I started using the technique for large and small issues that bothered me and then worked with friends to help handle their upsets and blocks to manifestation. Thus, I developed the Infusion Integration Process that brings together opposing beliefs that limit our ability to experience great health, wealth, love, and creative self-expression. This process is at the core of my book, The Power of Wholeness: Discover A More Fulfilling, Successful, and Rewarding Life.

Seth Material, Ramtha, Mafu, and Bashar

The Nature of Personal Reality by Seth, and Jane Roberts, the Channeler.

I found many answers to long-held questions in 1978-1981 while reading Seth Speaks, The Nature of Personal Reality, by Jane Roberts, and the Autobiography of a Yogi. by Paramahansa Yogananda, In 1982, I discovered A Course in Miracles.

The book, Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda, inspired me.

During the over forty years of my career, I used my intuition and the metaphysical information I learned in my professional work as a marketing executive and consultant. I have done sales, marketing, and public relations for many businesses, from restaurants to The Lodge at Pebble Beach) to Humana, AT&T to the International Paper Company, Long Beach Promotion and the Queen Mary Project, the San Juan Capistrano and Laguna Beach Chambers of Commerce, the American Cancer Society, and the AIDS Services Foundation in Orange County, CA, and more.

Becoming the First Female Vice President of a High-Tech Company

It was no surprise that I was interested in the new personal computers that were introduced in 1982. As a continuation of strange events in my life, I received a call from Dan, a vice president of a software startup in Silicon Valley. They needed a marketing plan to be created over the Christmas Holiday. I went to work on the plan and named the company Intelligent Technologies, with a product called PC Express.

Representing Intelligent Technologies at CES in Las Vegas.

I knew nothing about computers, but I knew marketing and had prepared many marketing plans. They were pleased with the result and asked me to become vice president of marketing with a good salary and 5% company ownership. I said yes. A few months later, I asked Dan how he had found me. His reply was that he saw my ad in the phone book, and my name was lit up. Right!

I was nervous before our first board meeting with investors who wanted to know how I would market the company. Before I left the lady’s room, I looked in the mirror and said, “If anyone is there, speak through me.” I was amazed at what happened in the meeting. Specific information flowed through me with details about direct mail to large corporations, marketing, advertising, trade shows, and P.R. Two years later, I sold the company for $3 million, which seems to be a small amount today, but the program wasn’t even finished.

My Dad Listened and Followed His Intuitive Guidance

Verlaine Crawford's father, A.Vern Crawford, was Chief of Electricians on the Ommaney Bay aircraft carrier during World War II.

In 1984, after over twenty years of absence, I met with my father, Vern. During a three-day period, he told me many stories about how his guardian angel had prevented his death many times. His first experience was at 12 years of age when he fell from a hay mow on his family farm in Iowa. He didn’t fall straight down and land on the spokes of the machinery below. Instead, he fell sideways and landed ten feet away from the equipment.

Another of his truly memorable, intuitive occurrences happened one morning when he was Chief of Electricians on the Ommaney Bay aircraft carrier during World War II. His intuition told him to dress in his best uniform, put all his money in his pocket, and ensure his life jacket was in good shape. That afternoon, the ship was struck by a Kamikaze plane. He stayed on board with the captain. A life boat from another ship found the captain who directed the crew to pick up Crawford, who was floating in the sea with shrapnel in his leg. All of his stories left an impact on my mind and heart.

I Read Channeled Books and Saw Channelers in Person

While working with high-tech companies in 1984, I was delighted to read unpublished transcripts of the Ramtha channelings called Love Yourself into Life. In 1986, I saw a video of J.Z. Knight going into trance to channel Ramtha with Shirley McClain in the audience. We even saw Ramtha in person when she presented to a group in San Jose. That was followed by a young woman channeling Mafu in San Francisco and then the amazing Bashar channeled by Daryl Anka. (In 1990, I interviewed Daryl on a TV show I had created at Pasadena City College.) The strength of the entities and the power of their delivery were awesome. I was intrigued, yet I continued to say, “I don’t care if the channeling is real or not, as long as the information is good.”

At the end of 1986, I had served as VP of Marketing for a second high-tech company for which I established contracts with AT&T, Olivetti, NASA, Bank of America, etc., and departed well-compensated (not rich, but comfortable.)

A Major Change in My Life

In 1987, I experienced a major change in my life. I felt like I was tapped on the shoulder, and a voice said, “You’ve marketed everything. Now market the New Age.” I didn’t know exactly what that meant, but I decided to help individuals move into alignment with their spiritual being.

I started the Invision Resource Group with luncheon meetings in San Francisco and Santa Clara to gather business and professional people who were interested in expanding their awareness. It lasted only a few months as the members of the group returned to their ambitious schedules.

Attending a Garage Sale Made All the Difference.

My initiation into the world of channeling was to begin in earnest with the most unusual beginning. In June 1987, I was told by my girlfriend, Janis, that I should go to a garage sale. Yes, a garage sale! Her friend, Kate, was moving to the state of Washington, and she shopped at Nordstrom. Therefore, Janis surmised that I should want to go to Kate’s garage sale to pick up some of her nice clothing.

Saturday morning arrived, and I decided I didn’t want to go to the sale. I felt I should have a garage sale and clean out my closets. Yet, in my head, I heard a voice repeating, “Go to the garage sale!” This voice of intuition had helped me many times in the past, although I didn’t always listen) kept telling me to go, so I decided to call and get directions. There was no answer. “Good, they are not there. I don’t have to go,” I thought.

“Go anyway,” prompted the voice.

“I don’t know where she lives,” I replied.

“You’ll find it,” the voice answered.

Following Your Intuition is Like Following a Treasure Map

Without a doubt, it appeared that I had no choice. I couldn’t think of anything else. I had to go to the garage sale. I drove to the general area where I thought they lived. I saw a flyer they had posted on a telephone pole directing people to the sale and found the apartment. We discovered that they had accidentally unplugged their phone, which we corrected so they could receive calls.

I met Kate’s boyfriend, Jerry, on the couch and asked him about their move to Washington. We started talking, and he told me his amazing story of learning to channel two months ago. I asked him many questions and asked if I could meet with his guide. He agreed, and that evening, Kate and I patiently waited as Jerry went into a trance.

The energy in the room became prickly, similar to the feeling of the air just before a storm. Jerry allowed the dynamic being, Hermes, to speak through him. The voice and mannerisms were distinctly different from Jerry’s persona. Hermes was humorous and called himself “a lowly energy entity.”

I asked Hermes many questions, such as, “Is the Big Bang Theory of the creation of the universe correct?” And he answered brilliantly. He talked about the never-ending breathing out and breathing in of the Universe.

You Can Channel Also

Surprisingly, after my barrage of questions, Hermes held Jerry’s hand up, signaling me to stop speaking. He said, “We know you have 10,000 questions, but we have something to tell you.” He paused and informed me, “You can channel also.”

I was very surprised. My first response was, “Oh, no, I don’t think so. I don’t know how to let a guide in or get them out of my body. Even if I could channel someone, I would be afraid to leave my body.” (Since I had nearly died when I was stabbed in the parking garage at age 27 in August 1971, I wasn’t interested in tempting fate by leaving my body now.)

Hermes replied that I did not have to leave my body if I didn’t want to. I could share the body with my guide. Hermes said he would ask Kate and Jerry to remain in the area for one week, and Hermes would help me to let go of my fear and resistance so I could experience channeling. I was very curious, and the love I felt emanating from Hermes gave me the confidence to trust in the possibility.

The next evening, Kate and I worked for a few minutes with the Ouija Board to acquaint myself with the energy. The plastic pointer moved around and around in large circles as the energy built up. Then words began to form a fascinating story of my connection to IXACA, Coordinator of the Council of Twelve of Interraithe in the Rombis Quadrant of the Orion Constellation.

Ixaca’s Biography

We learned that Ixaca is an androgynous being on the Sixth Dimension who had channeled through Quetzalcoatl, Lord of the Dawn, of the Mayan culture. S/he had helped establish the calendar and astronomy with the Mayans.

Ixaca had channeled through Elijah, the Prophet, who had prophesied the coming of Christ, and also through Imhotep of Egypt, who was one of the first teachers of mathematics, astronomy, medicine, etc. in Egypt and who designed the Step Pyramid. I was impressed. I could feel the energy moving through my body as the plastic pointer spelled out the answers to our many questions.

Pretend You Are A Car

So, the time for channeling began. Hermes suggested I close my eyes and pretend my body was a vehicle. IXACA would move into my energy field as if he were getting into a car and becoming the driver. I would be in the passenger seat, and, at any time, I could grab the steering wheel to regain control of my body. The concept of the car seemed understandable.

I lay on the sofa, closed my eyes, and relaxed. In a few minutes, I saw, in my mind’s eye, a seven-foot-tall being of light standing in front of me. There was the outline of a humanoid form, but there was so much light that I couldn’t see a face.

As the being moved toward me, I felt pressure on the left side of my face. I pretended my body was a Jaguar XJS. and it felt like IXACA entered through the driver’s door. As I moved into the passenger seat, I felt prickly, warm, loving energy on my skin and moving through my muscles.

What Was Causing the Movement

In my mind’s eye, this incredible Light Being was sitting next to me in the car. I then noticed my body moving; my arms and legs were stiff like a spasm.

My mind was saying, “This doesn’t make any sense. If this is my imagination, why is my body acting like this?” Then, I noticed that I had a very tight hold with my left hand on the steering wheel in my inner vision. I was trying to take back control.

Jerry and Kate yelled, “Get in the back seat! Get in the back seat!”

So, in my mind’s eye, I saw myself climbing into the back seat of the Jaguar. When I was in the back seat, I leaned over IXACA, stretched out my arms, and grabbed the steering wheel. Now, my body is thrashing about.

Jerry said, “Enough for now,” and I felt the energy of Ixaca moving away. I lay on the couch, exhausted and covered in perspiration.

The next day, Jerry called to tell me that Hermes had a new idea.

“What’s his idea?” I asked.

A New Idea to Handle My Control Issue

“He suggests that you pretend you have your own steering wheel, like a driver training car, and that way you can feel more confident about sharing control.” 

I agreed to try this new idea.

When Ixaca merged with my body (got into the imaginary car) the next evening, I felt intense love enveloping me as I held my hands poised above my own imaginary steering wheel. Ixaca soothed my fear, and I heard the thought lovingly expressed in my head, “Can you just calm down? Can you be quiet for a few minutes? Will you let me say a few words?”

Slowly, I relaxed. I felt a strong energy vibration moving from my head down into my throat, shoulders, and arms and moving out of my hands. Ixaca stretched my back and shoulders. My breathing was deeper from my chest and diaphragm, and he/she began to speak through me.

A very different voice came out of my mouth, saying a sentence I had not thought to speak. My mind was amazed, frightened, shocked, and curious.

Each day for a week, Kate and Jerry sat with me as I became more and more comfortable with this new energy. They asked questions. Wonderful answers, which I had not considered, eventually came out of my mouth. It seemed like there was a long time between the questions and the answers. Sometimes, I wanted to go ahead and answer the question my way. Ixaca would ask me to be patient and wait.

Adjusting to Increased Energy

Verlaine beginning the journey to channeling.

I sat quietly. My mind was quite blank (I must say that is not normal for me). Finally, word after word, the answer would come, tumbling out of my mouth. Ixaca gave metaphors and analogies and painted pictures with his words. Many loving and fascinating answers seemed to heal and soothe the questioner.

At the end of the week, Kate and Jerry moved to Washington. After they left, I took time every few days to practice channeling with other friends and answer their questions, as well as my own. Weeks spread into months, and I learned to let Ixaca raise my body to a sitting position and then walk. Eventually, I was able to open my eyes when Ixaca was talking. (I wanted my friends to look and see if I was still there.)

Moving Out of the Body

After a number of sessions, I decided to leave my body so that the answers could come more quickly. I pretended to be in a lovely mansion and sat in a chair beside Ixaca, channeling. It was still very slow.

Then, in my imagination, I decided to go out onto the lawn of the mansion and sit by a table with an umbrella over it and drink lemonade. I could still hear the answers, but I wasn’t so prone to interrupt and give my answers rather than letting Ixaca provide clear and often amazing responses. I learned to trust Ixaca’s love and healing ability.

Astral Traveling With a Friend

One day, as I was leaving my physical body in my astral body, I saw a darling young lady with full, long, dark hair standing before me.

“Would you like to go traveling?” she asked.

Surprised and delighted, I answered yes. We went on wonderful adventures to Paris, London, Tahiti, Tibet, and Bali. She would direct me to envision the place we would visit, and as I moved out of body, I would follow her. There was no sense of distance, just a feeling of flying and then seeing the place below me. We would walk unseen on the streets, look in the windows, or gaze out at nature.

During our out-of-body travels in Bali, I saw large pod-like structures made of reeds. I was led across a field on a pathway to a winding staircase heading down a steep cliff. There was a railing shaped like a serpent carved out of the side of the hillside. As I descended the staircase, I saw narrow caves I ducked into one with crevices in the ceiling revealing the blue sky.

I continued down the stairs, and at the bottom was a beautiful, natural pool surrounded by cliffs. I got in the warm water and relaxed in Bali as Ixaca spoke through my physical body in Redwood Shores, CA.

Bali in Reality

A photo of terraced rice fields in Bali.
I love the graceful, terraced rice fields in Bali.

Incredibly, in 1991, I went to Bali (physically). I met Joanie Klar in person. She was the young woman who had taken me on out-of-body travels. Joanie invited me to stay at her friend Linda Garland’s retreat center outside the artists’ colony of Ubud. There, I experienced the large pods, the field, the staircase, the caves, and the pool. It was very helpful to receive many confirmations of what I was experiencing in consciousness.

In Bali, I also had a near death experience when Astral Travel became more than a fun trip to other places on earth. I found myself walking among the stars. I will write another post about that experience. That story was presented in the Preface of my book, The Heart of Transformation and the Butterfly Effect.

LINC (Leaders in the New Civilization)

In 1988, a woman called me and said she didn’t know why she was calling or how she got my number. She invited me to Newport Beach to figure it out. So, I flew down to Newport Beach. After walking on the beach and channeling Ixaca for her, she said, “You need to meet Lynn McFarland.” Three more people I met during that trip repeated the same name.

Of course, I met Lynn, who created LINC, Leaders in the New Civilization organization. I decided to work with her and helped raise money from corporate foundations to bring together world leaders to create global environmental, health, and educational solutions. I wrote a small unpublished book, A Planetary Vision, and visited the United Nations and World Economic Society in Switzerland and learned much about global activity.

In November 1988, Sierra Madra became my home as I began to write my first published book, Ending the Battle Within. Much of the following year, I was reuniting with many members of my Soul Family, creating new relationships, adjusting to the energy I had been channeling, and reorganizing my physical and emotional bodies.

The Green Stone

Avebury Circle in England where Verlaine investigated the Green Stone.
Avebury Circle in Great Britain.

In August 1989, I helped promote the documentary, “UFOs and Channeling.” I researched creating a film about the book “The Green Stone,” a true story about a psychic adventure hunt in England in 1979. I traveled to England and Wales to meet the people who lived the story, and there is much more to tell about that awesome adventure. The picture depicts the time capsule of Avebury Circle. It felt as if the center stone was a portal to other dimensions.

In February 1990, I was moving ahead quickly in all directions when I fell down the steps of a movie theater and broke a rib and my left foot. My healing was a powerful time of reorganizing and coming into an even deeper understanding of my life’s work that was unfolding daily. In retrospect, it appears that this accident stopped the progression of the movie, which was not ready to be produced.

Traveling to Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, and Europe

A photo of Verlaine with Japanese Students in 1990s.
Verlaine with Japanese Students in 1990s.

In 1991, I was Director of Marketing for the American Cancer Society and channeled on weekends at a number of friends’ homes from Hollywood to San Diego. At one of the events, an Israeli gentleman asked if I would like to channel in Japan. His daughter and son-in-law were part of ONE (Opportunities Never End) group that brought healers, channelers, and psychics to Japan. My first visit to Japan was in June 1992, followed by a trip to Hong Kong and Australia in February 1993. I traveled to Japan a total of six times in three years, and my class members from Tokyo and Osaka then visited me at my retreat center in Idyllwild, CA. In 2013 and 2015, we met in Palm Springs.

Answers to My Questions

I have learned to take one step at a time, literally and figuratively, and to let the Universe answer my questions. One important question I asked was:  “What do I do if someone wants to enter my body that I do not want or is not healthy for me to channel.”

The answer is:  “No one in a body or out of body is stronger than you are.” Connecting with your Guardian Angel, who is with you 24/7, is important to warn you of danger and alert you to opportunities.

Another question I asked was: “Why was I chosen to go to Japan and other countries to channel and teach.”

The answer was, “Because you were available.” (That helped to stop my ego from getting too big to handle.)

I also asked: “Why did you come to channel through me?”

The answer was:  “I have come to show you who you are. I am like a photographer showing you a picture of you.” (I am still getting used to that idea.)

The Journey Continues

There is so much more to say, so many wonderful stories with confirmation along the way. I have met many people who know the transformation mission we are to accomplish on Earth. And most important of all is the message of love and healing that IXACA and so many other wonderful guides are bringing to the planet at this time.

I have learned so much and have gained inner peace and harmony as I continue to expand my awareness. When asked what channeling has done for me, I often reply that I can sum up my learning in three ways: I have experienced the wonder of unconditional love. I have seen the world with the eyes of non-judgment. And I now know there is no death. There are many dimensions of life. I have learned what Ixaca has so often said, “Ghosts are people, too.”

In 1987, Dr. Verlaine Crawford opened to other dimensions and began channeling Ixaca, a sixth-dimensional, angelic being of wisdom and love. That opening allowed her to become an energy healer and a psychic medium. She has seen her past lives and those of clients and has experienced astral travel to locations on Earth and beyond. Verlaine has channeled Ixaca in California, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Bali, France and Italy. She is available for private and group sessions, guesting on podcasts, and presenting workshops. Contact